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Are You Feeling Stuck & Frustrated With Your Real Estate Success? 

If these words resonate with you — and IF they resonate enough that you are inclined to pursue them, this upcoming webinar and coaching offer is constructed from the “ground up” for REIN Members like you.

As a REIN Member, you are delivered the exact step-by-step formula you need to be successful in real estate. This formula has generated over $5B of wealth for our members… So why are you not as successful as you’ve planned?

Fact is you might just need a little more help, a little more support, a little more hand holding or maybe a good kick in the butt! 

YOU may need a coach!

Patrick Francey and JG Francoeur have researched the breadth and depth of the current real estate “coaching” scene… and discovered the ‘menu’, ‘quality,’ ‘relevance’, ‘accuracy’ and ‘integrity’ of coaching offers lacking… to say the very least. 

Today, the real estate coaching scene is different than it was 27 years ago when REIN opened its doors. Significantly different.  

FAR too many real estate investors, including REIN Members, are being drawn into get rich quick real estate stories being taught by 3rd and 4th tier ‘hand me downs’, who happen to be great marketers, social media and YouTube gurus who are offering FREE real estate coaching and learning programs. Some have gone so far as to use REIN’s intellectual property and claim it as theirs.


As you must know, nothing of value really comes for FREE (right?). Most of these experts have one thing in common which is they are all selling real estate... and the coaching they give you for FREE all leads down a common path…’they have a real estate investment opportunity that just happens to fit the model of what they just taught you’. 

Sadly, with these biased views of coaching, education, skewed economic analysis of geographic regions and their self-serving deals, (often in hidden agendas) the caliber of coaching and the opportunities are suspect at best. So, we decided that it’s time to turn the tide in the other direction…

This is like handing you a million dollars.

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What People Are Saying About Elite52

Think about and consider this…

If you want to learn how to run the fastest mile — find the fastest runner and pay them to teach you. 

If you want to create the world’s best coffee — find the person who wrote the book on coffee and grows the best beans and understands complexity and texture…and pay them to teach you how to “model.” 

If you want to build an impenetrable, healthy, real estate portfolio and business —find the person (or people) who created the manuscript on healthy, proven real estate investing and of building a business of investing in real estate…successfully and profitably. ..and pay them to show you the way. 

The Moral of this short story: the surest, fastest, most guaranteed path to building a profitable real estate portfolio or real estate business is along side of others who have done it. 

Here is a sneak peek of the program we are creating…for you

The exclusive opportunity to work directly with Patrick Francey, JG Francoeur and their Executive Team. Starting in January 2020, these two heavy hitters will be leading an Elite Mastermind Program called Elite52 for REIN real estate investors who want to go to the next level.

What does Elite52 include?


Deep Dive Discovery


Laser-Guided Goal Setting Sessions


1 Day Mastermind with Patrick & JG


Quarterly Mastermind Events


Quarterly Zoom Coaching Calls


Private Facebook Group Access


Your Chance to Grow & Succeed BEYOND 'How-To Education'

Let’s face it: the least talked about, but the best asset class you can invest in is YOU!

Because YOU are YOUR biggest asset. You do get that, right!?  We've cultivated an environment where people who exude great potential and great talent can get the caliber and depth of ideas, training, and relationship that they need to GROW and SUCCEED…beyond just the how-to education of more real estate investing strategies and tactics.

Elite52 is a ‘whole, how to’ program. Beyond just what you need to do and know, but also who you need to be and become to achieve the results you’re looking for.


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