Real Estate Investing in Canada

The essential online learning program that has resulted in over 151,000 Canadian investors achieve over $5.3 billion in real estate wealth.

Beginner investor or veteran investor, high-income earner or low-income earner, everyone now has the same opportunity for real estate success!

Created by veteran Canadian real estate investors for Canadian real estate investors of ALL levels, you'll discover the most important & profitable real estate strategies that have helped thousands become financially confident & independent. 

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Are you done with watching YouTube videos, attending free meet-up groups, listening to podcasts or reading books about real estate investing that lead you nowhere? Or maybe you’re tired of empty promises at “free seminars” or “free coaching programs” offered by get-rich-quick gurus.

If this sounds familiar, you know exactly why you landed on this page. (Hello, welcome!)

It’s time to cut through the BS, the hype and opinions surrounding the Canadian real estate market and get to the truth.

Our Real Estate Investing in Canada curriculum contains 78 hours of foundational education and is led by expert instructors and mentors Patrick Francey and Don R. Campbell.

We guarantee you won’t receive this level of world class education and support ANYWHERE else!

Information is power in the current real estate market and it is critical that you have the latest in your hands. As you'll quickly discover in this course, no matter where you’re at on your investing journey, YOU can grab your share of this expanding market as long as you have unbiased information and proven strategies designed to work in today's Canadian marketplace.

That means no more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you're missing out (or making a mistake) and no more being taken advantage of. (And no more Google-ing!)

Almost 30 years in the making, Real Estate Investing in Canada contains no empty theory, just proven step-by-step systems to create financial stability, financial security and financial freedom for yourself and loved ones.

(You won't find this on YouTube - we've looked - it isn't there.)

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Over the last 28 years of intense investigation across the continent, we've discovered a shocking fact.


There hasn't been ANY program that fully guarantees – with absolutely NO QUESTION – that you will have the knowledge and expertise to find, negotiate and buy a positive cash flow property.

What we did find is there is a lot of dated, irrelevant theory being taught out there... most of which will not work in today's Canadian market.

Maybe you have already tried real estate. You've attended seminars or wasted hours Google-researching to find free articles and blog posts that are remotely Canadian specific. Have you discovered what we have? There isn't much out there!

As you may have experienced, after most free or cheap real estate courses are finished, you are left with a bunch of notes, a pile of books and a whole lot of motivation and excitement... and you have to spend $5,000-$10,000 on a coaching program if you want access to their REAL education.

This why we created Real Estate Investing in Canada 
online learning.

Here's how Real Estate Investing in Canada is going to directly affect you:

This fresh start guarantees you'll qualify to own a property that creates a regular positive cash flow month after month after month. Our commitment has always been to ensure our clients have exclusive access to the most powerful (and proven) investment systems on the planet and that's how we guarantee your success.

Why? Because you're going to discover a breakthrough in Real Estate Investing in Canada. This program cuts through the market hype and delivers, in detail, step-by-step action plans, INCLUDING:

  • How to identify Canadian properties with the most potential
  • How to know if your market is going higher or going to crash
  • How to get the bank to say "Yes"
  • How to negotiate the best deal possible
  • How to manage your properties with no headaches

So what is the Real Estate Investing in Canada program all about? How does it create such huge success for everyone?

Decades in the making with "no stone left unturned", this online learning program is what every Canadian investor has been waiting for. It is designed and focused so that you will create maximum results in minimum time, and discover the exact steps to take using Canadian-specific strategies. Nothing hidden. No surprises. All we do is reveal to you the secrets & strategies we've perfected over the last  28 years; all of which REIN Members & graduates have used generate over $5.1 billion in real estate wealth.

And because we're not real estate agents or brokers, you know you're getting 100% true and unbiased information!

Here's a brief summary of the results-focused learning modules you'll discover...

  • Your 'Why' & ETHOS

    At the end of this program, you'll have created your own personal action plan, so you are no longer left with just notes and systems, you'll have clear steps to take immediately. This will become your road map.

  • The Decision Maker
  • Business of Real Estate
  • Power of Leverage
  • Your Financial House
  • Market Property Research

    There are at least 19 ways real estate can go up (or down) in value... and with ONE amazing tool, you'll be able to predict the future of your real estate – anywhere in Canada! You'll discover the answer to the critical question: has the market peaked or is there still profit opportunities available?

  • Real Estate Investment Tactics

    The secrets to becoming a money-magnet for all the investment money you need, to buy as much real estate as you want. This strategy has been tried and tested by investors across the country with amazing results. Learn all the details that have helped real estate investors raise multi-millions of dollars in investment capital legally, morally and ethically.

  • Finding Properties

    We'll tell you specifically, right here in Canada, which cities and towns are the best to invest in today for maximum profits. Then you'll discover EXACTLY what type of properties will create the "Best Bang for Your Investment Buck!"

  • Cash Flow Zone

    Location is important, but TIMING is critical. Discover the secrets to knowing exactly when to buy and when to sell to produce wealth!

  • Property Analysis

    You'll have in your hands the key questions you must ask before you buy any piece of real estate. These questions have been revised and updated so you get the absolute latest information and avoid the mistakes that others have made.

  • Writing & Negotiating Offers
  • Completing Your Diligence
  • Working With the Bank

    This is critical for ALL real estate investors and will prove to be among the many turning points in this program! You'll learn from one of the top real estate financial experts in the country and using his patented techniques, you'll have a distinct advantage when you approach a bank or mortgage broker. Never be fooled again. You'll actually complete a full mortgage application and learn all the ins and outs of getting approved! Bottom line, you will never look at banking the same again. No longer will the banks be a concern. You'll know ALL the secrets, including many new strategies for today's market.

  • Managing Your Cashflow
  • 78 hours of curriculum
  • 100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee*

Whether you already own one property, 10 properties or 50 properties, or if you don't know the first thing about real estate investing (other than it makes many people very wealthy), this course will give you the absolute confidence, knowledge and expertise to go out and purchase only the best properties in the marketplace, anywhere in Canada.

Imagine the power of owning positive cash flow properties that put money into your bank account every month. Ready to get started? Enroll now!

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About Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)

REIN is the sum of numerous parts. Founded in 1992, it has since been Canada's most trusted, unbiased, real estate investing resource.

For over 30 years, REIN has been at the forefront to change the conversation about real estate investing. A vigorous combination of meticulous research and analysis, brass tack economic fundamentals, strategic investing systems, exceptional market specialists and solid industry leaders all contribute to world class, relevant education and development, accessible to all Canadian real estate investors. 

The dynamic and noteworthy team at the Real Estate Investment Network is a collective of game changers, empowering leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Together they collaborate with purpose to advance the REIN experience for new investors and seasoned professionals alike. Decades of hands-on experience and real estate investing intelligence allows them to effectively create and support an environment for investors to thrive in their business of real estate investing and achieve their financial freedom by design. You can count on the REIN Team to deliver relevant, authentic, and meaningful resources, always with commitment and intention for an exceptional Member experience.

How Real Estate Investing in Canada will get you to the source of profitable investing...

Step by Step Plan

Action steps you need to take as an investor to acquire real estate

Characteristics & Mindset of a Strategic Investor

In any real estate transaction, it is critical that you remove emotions from the equation. You'll discover the exact strategies and steps to do this, so you can make clear decisions and only choose the best properties

Property Goldmine Scorecard

The characteristics of a real estate market that will define and predict the health of that market and help you decide if you should consider investing 

REIN's Real Estate Cycle

How to use the phases to decide which investing strategies and tactics to use and which to avoid

Tactics & Strategies

Alternative or creative strategies an investor can use to adapt to market conditions

Lender Financing Strategies

Using multiple sources of capital to grow your real estate portfolio

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Sneak Peak of What You'll Be Learning...

Module 1: Your Belize & ETHOS

Module 2: The Decision Maker

Module 3: Business of Real Estate

Module 4: Power of Leverage

Module 5: Your Financial House

Module 6: Market Property Research

Module 7: Market Research (Real Estate Cycle)

Module 8: Real Estate Investment Tactics

Module 9: Finding Properties

Module 10: Cash Flow Zone

Module 11: Property Analysis

Module 12: Writing & Negotiating Offers

Module 13: Completing Your Diligence

Module 14: Working With the Bank

Module 15: Managing Your Cashflow

Enroll in Real Estate Investing in Canada Now!

**If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, we will be happy to give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase date. The request must be made to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase date and refund will be processed within 15 business days.


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