Real Estate Investing in Canada

The essential online learning that has resulted in over 151,000 Canadian  investors to achieve over $5.1 billion in real estate wealth.

Beginner investor or veteran investor, high-income earner or low-income earner, everyone now has the same opportunity for real estate success!

Created by veteran Canadian real estate investors for Canadian real estate investors of ALL levels, you'll discover the most important & profitable real estate strategies that have helped thousands become financially confident & independent. 

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I never would have learned all I needed to know except through mistakes. Undoubtedly it has saved me thousands of dollars already. I feel empowered and knowledgeable to go out and start looking for my next property and realizing my dream. Thank You!

Carol Coote


I wish we had taken this course before we actually started investing in Real Estate four years ago. This will definitely make a difference in how I do (real estate) deals.

Shelley Greschner

I had no (previous) knowledge about real estate investing. I now have given the knowledge and confidence on how to achieve my goals.

Raj Mann

I’ve taken a lot of real estate courses, and in my opinion Real Estate Investing in Canada is the one-stop course for serious investors. No other course I have seen packs so much practical content for such an affordable price.

Andrew Wong

Wonderful content. I don’t know how anyone would get started without it! It has given me a great platform to start with.  It also gave me some great insight to helping the business I currently own that will help me in real estate investing. The program has eliminated my fear of action!

Michelle Martin

So helpful we’re finally getting Canadian specific content! When to buy, where to buy, how to stand out and be noticed & how to quickly get what you want.

Leigh Dawson

Life changing and hugely valuable…Priceless! I discovered that I can really do this, I gained the confidence I need, I had my questions answered, and more! 

Tasha Monaghan

We created a portfolio of $4,300,000 consisting of 12 houses in Edmonton in 7 years!

Lisa and Glen Baillargeon

Thank you! I look forward to the next 30-40 years ahead with investing, which has become my new normal. I am moving forward with my goals & dreams.

Remi Noel

I am a big believer in the phrase "training doesn't pays!" and Real Estate Investing in Canada did not let me down.  If you're serious about real estate investing I would highly recommend.

Dan Golby

The Real Estate Investing in Canada is absolutely amazing. It walks through the whole real estate transaction in great detail... from start to end.

An Tay Nguy

Without question, the best program I have ever seen… the only COMPLETE one. I feel completely supported and more educated in how to invest in real estate using a step-by-step system that been proven many times. (Additionally) I have met many long-term REIN Members who have also used it to reach and surpass their goals and are still there supporting others. Thank you so much.

Norma Zelina


Patrick Francey

Real Estate Investment Network CEO and host of The Everyday Millionaire podcast, Patrick is an integral and driving force behind the vision, development and growth of the REIN community.

He believes that every Canadian financial security, certainty and freedom and can achieve it through investing in real estate the right way. Patrick is the real deal,  an authentic and effective educator and speaker, he's an established Canadian real estate investor and business owner for over 35 years.

Patrick is a proud husband, father and grandfather, inspired and happiest when he is being a contribution to supporting others success. One of his favorite quotes is his own…where he believes  "Success is S.I.M.P.L.E." Significantly Impact Many Peoples Lives Everyday. 

After attending an Authentic Canadian Real Estate (A.C.R.E) event in 2001, Patrick, together, with his wife Steffany, began investing and building their real estate portfolio.

As business owners without a guaranteed pension, both Patrick and Steffany recognized real estate as a proven strategy for them to build and secure a financially certain future.

From the early years of being in the trenches of ‘do it yourself’ real estate investing, Patrick’s path evolved to primarily being the money partner in joint venture investing opportunities.

Patrick's and Steffany's portfolio consists of multiple single family suited homes, light industrial, and multifamily properties located in Alberta. Since 2014, their focus has been investing in shorter term Rent to Own opportunities, limited partnerships and long term buy and hold acquisition through Agreements for Sale.

Don R. Campbell

Senior Research Analyst

Don R. Campbell is a Canadian-based real estate investor, researcher, the best-selling Canadian real estate author in history, author of 8 best sellers and a real estate investment educator. He is the Senior Analyst with the Real Estate Investment Network which has entered its 27th year of providing unbiased research and analysis on Canadian real estate markets. As a devoted philanthropist, Don donates 100% of his author royalties for all of his books directly to Habitat for Humanity and, together with REIN Members, has raised $1.2 million for the charity. He and his experienced team are leaders in providing Canada’s most current real estate investment education programs and economic research materials.

Don made his first investment in residential real estate in BC’s Fraser Valley back in 1985 and hasn’t looked back since. His portfolio now includes Light Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Agricultural properties across Western Canada.


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